Activity Tracker

ActivityTracker is an Android app that can record your GPS trace while you walk, run, hike, bike – you name it!  If you take photos during your activity the app can display your photos you took along the way.   

The app comes with a number of default activities, such as walking, hiking, biking  and the like. You can also add your own.

Each time you track an activity you associate it with a location. The location is assigned by you, for example  Home , Mt. Lafayette,  Mt. Washington, Wind River Range, etc.

The GPS route (as a KML attachment) can be sent to your family or friends via email. They can then display the route on GoogleMaps. (Make them envious about what you did over the weekend or on your day off!)

Various chart summaries are available. You can see distances covered in the last week, last month,  by month, or by year.

The database used to store your trace can be backed up locally (to the device Download directory) or if you have one to your Google Drive.

No personal data or GPS trace from the app is shared with anyone unless you send an email with your trace or share the Drive directory where the backup is stored. (Note: because the device GPS must be turned on to track you, Google may collect location information but that is outside the apps control)

ActivityTracker Privacy Policy –

So check it out, get moving and feel good!