DBUtility is a Java application that provides:

  • Selection and execution of stored procedures.
  • Scripting for execution of stored procedures for individual or stress testing.
  • Comparison/Regression testing of results from matched stored procedures or SQL across systems.
  • Data transfer between systems using SQL.
  • Scripting for execution of select, insert, update, delete SQL.

DBUtility requirements:

  • Java runtime installed (JRE 1.6 minimum)
  • The appropriate relational database clients or server software(eg. DB2, Oracle, or MySQL)
  • The corresponding database JDBC jar or zip files to connect to the database.

Download files

DBUtility zip file containing DBUtility.jar, various other support jars and readme files. The zip file also contains some example scripts for BatchSPRunner, StressTester, DBTransfer and DBCompare DBUtility.zip
Readme files (Also incorporated in the zip file) Readme.docReadme.htm
Script file to create MySQL world and world2 databases.(world2 has same tables as world but tables will be empty) MySQL_world_and_world2.sql
Script file to create MySQL stored procedure to list the cities within a country in the world and world2 database. MySQL_list_cities_stored_procedure.sql
Script file to create DB2 versions of world and world2 databases DB2_world_and_world2.txt
PL/SQL script to create Oracle version of world database Oracle_world.sql


03/28/2011 Updates:

  • Added Startup Options configuration panel (Help/StartupOptions).
  • File Open/Save now dislays the script text when you click on file name so you can make sure you have selected correct file.
02/24/2011 Major updates:

  • StressTester – Scripting and test facility to enable easier execution of multiple stored procedure scripts for stress testing.
  • DBCompare script wizard.
  • DBTransfer script wizard.
  • SQLHelper – a table selection and column list panel to help in creating SQL.
  • Database panel to add/update/configure database connections (Help/Database Configurations).
  • User configurable orientation, font type and color of scripting windows.