Expert Systems and Neural Nets

Expert Systems and Neural Nets

Java and some VB code has been developed for use in Joone (open source neural net software) and Jess (a rule based system). The code developed to date has been used as a vehicle for learning these systems and is not meant as a finished product (and so I still need a day job). However, it may be useful as examples in developing Joone and Jess applications.

The various parts of the code developed and available source/executables are described below.
Visual Basic Code

The VB (V6) executable was developed to extract stock information from a TC2000 database for later use in Joone NN or Jess expert system.

The application:

  • Opens a port and starts listening for requests
  • Displays a simple form to display requests
  • Processes the XML stock request with a SAX parser
  • Calls TC2000 module for stock information
  • Composes a XML reply and sends it off

Source and application code are here

Java Code

Java code developed was targeted to provide input for both Joone and Jess. As it turns out much more time has been spent writing code to get data into Joone or Jess that actually working with Joone/Jess.

The Java classes use both the Xerces parser and JDOM to handle XML.

Joone Jar/Zip files available.

  1. Jar containing Java class files used for creating stock data for Joone are here.
  2. Javadoc for jar file is here.
  3. Java source is here.
  4. Notes taken during creation of Java objects along with first attempts at Joone are here.

Note that Jess code below is dependent on some of the Java files above.

Jess Jar/Zip files available

  1. Jar containing Java class files used for Jess is here.
  2. Zip file containing source code for Java code and Jess *.clp files is here.